“From around 2004 I began to make knitting contextualised by writing, the garments were the conduits for something beyond what they appeared as. Some of the links lead to garment instructions as well as image and text.”

beige crystal


Vulture, Bronx Zoo 2004

Commissioned by The Travelling Gallery and made while McIntosh was resident in NYC for six months funded by The Scottish Arts Council. Modelled by Crystal.




Sighthill Gala Queen

The Scottish Show, Lighthouse Glasgow 2007. Commissioned as a knit-kit, worn in show by Michael Snow’s Walking Woman. Modelled by Hinda.



Lily Cotton, Atlanta Georgia 2004 

Knitted tie made from cotton found in Atlanta.Modelled by Alain.



Pony and Thistle 2007

Commissioned by Jamieson and Smith, Shetland Wool spinners based in Lerwick. Modelled by Cassie.


Some of the Fish I Ate in Portugal  Published in KnitKnit Projects and Patterns from Knitting’s New Wave, 2007. Modelled by Pamela.








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